How to Have a 10X Decade

Are you ready to learn a secret that can help you have a fantastic decade ahead? Something that may change your life for better? Something that has been hiding right in front of your nose but you were blind to?

Ok, Here it is, the golden secret that has made billionaires out of people who are broke & world changing leaders out of introverts:

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That’s it. So simple, yet for most this is still a mystery. So what does this mean for you & your success?

The key to success as Einstein stated is to “Know yourself” & then focus on leveraging your unique strengths. Every individual on planet earth is unique. There is nothing more distinct than the combination of your intellect, your personality, your professional skills, talents & your compassion.

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

– Dr.Seuss

Make a sincere effort to get to know yourself, your strengths, weakness, likes/dislikes, & most importantly “your why” – the key purpose of your life.

Success is…Knowing your purpose in life, Growing to reach your maximum potential, and Sowing seeds that benefit others.

– John. C.Maxwell

Be intentional about getting to know yourself. Take the time to self-reflect. The transformation you will experience is truly phenomenal. Blocks you experienced in your life be that professional growth, self-confidence, financial challenges will start to slowly disappear.

You will find yourself willing to embark on a new adventure, a desire to reach new heights of success that will unfold opportunities that you never before imagined were possible for you.

“Knowing yourself & aligning your activities/profession to leverage your strengths” is the key first step. But is that sufficient to help you have a spectacular decade ahead? Not quite.

I am excited to share three key principles, from leading Sales guru & real estate mogul Grant Cardone, Author of the best-seller book “#10X Rule”. Grant is a living example of these principles.Granttook a massive hit in the 2008 downturn, & applied the principles below to turn adversity into a phenomenal decade.

#1- Think Big, Set 10 X Goals- Start by adopting a #nolimits mindset. We tend to set our goals low because we are afraid to leave our comfort zone and fear failure. To be successful, Grant, recommends doing the exact opposite. Set goals that align with your purpose (your why) & Set goals that are 10 times bigger than what you were originally targeting. For e.g. if you are looking to grow your business by 20 % this year, change your goals to grow your business by 200%. He also recommends writing down your goals down twice daily.

Set goals that match your potential, not your ability – Grant Cardone.

#2- No Excuses- We often inhibit our own progress by the excuses we tend to make. The #10X Rule requires a “No Excuses” mindset. We feed our mind with excuses to help us feel better about our poor decisions. Excuses are the root cause of failure and we must make every effort possible to develop a positive mindset and eliminate all negative self-talk & negative inputs from others to avoid tripping up on the tricky trek to the summit of Mt.success.

Make Time, Not Excuses- Grant Cardone

#3 Massive Action- While thinking big and setting #10X goals is a great first step, reaching new heights requires massive action. Grant states that most people take 4 levels of action a) No Action b) Retreat c)Average action d) Massive action. Reaching 10X levels of success is only possible by “Taking massive action” in your life, career and business. Massive action requires that you stay “obsessed” about your goals and go “all in” by committing ALL your available resources. If you haven’t created new problems, your actions are likely not massive enough.

Go the extra mile, there’s no one on it – Grant Cardone.

Setting #10X Goals, adopting a no-excuses mindset & taking massive action will set you on the right path to have a fantastic decade. However, staying on course requires a certain level of discipline. Success coach Tony Robbins has a great approach to ensure you don’t stray from the golden path.

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Define standards that will define your life. E.g. a standard that you establish could be to “Always be on-time”. This along with daily routines will establish the discipline needed to have a transformational decade.

Finally, do not let the past decade define your next. We all make mistakes & wish things were different. The power to change our lives is within US.

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To new beginnings, a Happy & Prosperous New Year 2020 & a fantabulous decade ahead!

The one thing that keeps you from success

Success is a journey not a destination. Do you want to achieve success? What will it take for you to achieve your goals? Do you need to be better, faster, stronger? Does it require you get a new degree or a new job? Or should you move to a new city and start over? The good news is that getting started on the success journey requires NONE of the above changes.

Success is like a video game. Getting to the first level may be easy and gets you excited. With a little bit of luck you may even make it to Level 2. However, as soon you get to Level 3 and beyond, it starts getting challenging to get past the “monsters” and the “dragons” and you likely will get crushed. Some may decide to quit the game, once they face challenges beyond Level 2. Such players will rarely ever get to experience the joy of playing the highest level of the game. How does one get past Level 3? Train more and learn the techniques to get past the obstacles? Sure, you may get better improve your score and eventually jump to Level 4. However, once you reach Level 4, the temptation to quit will be only be higher as the “monsters” swallow you within seconds. You may even decide to “Upgrade” and buy yourself “Smarter and Sharper” weapons like a shiny sword off the App Store to better “combat” the monsters in Level 4. Alas, you may still find yourself losing the game.

The ONLY skill you must develop to conquer the game of life and succeed is to learn how to develop and maintain the right attitude.

Attitude drives actions, Actions drive results, Results drive lifestyles – Jim Rohn

Success guru Jim Rohn believes that attitude is an essential “skill” that MUST be developed to succeed. The road to success is filled with thorns that will leave you in pain and bleeding. It is common to see most people dejected and depressed with even minor setbacks experienced on their journey to the summit of their success. The right attitude for success will call upon you to get back up on your feet even when pushed to the ground. The right attitude will require you to look into the mirror, accept responsibility for your past mistakes and charge forward knowing that your “Lessons Learnt” will serve as a powerful shield for you as you attempt to tackle the next level up in the game of life. The right attitude for success will require you to shed your whining/complaining, accept criticism & have “self-belief” and a positive attitude.

Your attitude not your aptitude, will determine your altitude. Zig Ziglar

Finally, the right attitude for success calls upon each individual to be grateful for what they already possess and continue to strive for success knowing that the “Game Level” they already conquered is likely a distant dream for others.

Gratitude is the best Attitude.